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NES/SNES to Wii Adapter

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Product Description
● Connect NES/Famicon or SNES/Super Famicon controller to Wii Remote
● Play Wii games on the Nintendo Wii with a SNES/Super Famicon or NES/Famicon controller easily with this adapter
● No extra driver required, plug-n-play
● Built in Turbo (Auto Fire)
● The adapter is compatible with the game that works with Wii Classic Controller
● Vibration is not supported
● Press the button START and the direction button DOWN on the NES or SNES controller for 3 seconds, the direction button can be switched to the left stick of Wii Class Controller;
● Press the button START and the direction button UP on the NES or SNES controller for 3 seconds, the above setting will be cancelled.

How to customize Turbo?

1. Press the TURBO switch on the adapter

2. Then press the button that you need to customize (any of button A,B,X,Y,L,R)

3. Now you finish customizing the TURBO function. Release the switch on the adapter, but keep pressing the button that you set just now. The LED on the adapter will light up, which means the button is successfully customized with TURBO.

4. Repeat the above steps to cancel the TURBO function.

5. Any of button A, B, X, Y, L and R can be set or cancelled individually or in batches

6. All settings will be deleted automatically after un-plugging the adapter from your Wii Remote

Note: Now only at FutureMax with new cable converter that makes the NES/SNES to Wi Adapter compatible with SNES 7 pin and 9 pin controllers at the same time!!

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Manufacturer MayFlash
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