GameCube/Wii JoyBox (PS2 controller or Dance Pad to GameCube/Wii)

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Please make sure you Wii console still has the 4 GameCube controller ports.
check the following movie to see if youe console has the correct ports.


● PS2 DDR supported Now!!! 
● GameCube/Wii JoyBox is a PSX/PSX2 compatible controller adapter for GC/Wii. 
● GC/Wii games that support rumble function will make PSX,D-Shock controllers rumble without extra accessories. 

● Make sure the GC/Wii console is turned off. 
● Insert the GC plug of the GameCube/Wii JoyBox adapter into the GC/Wii console. 
● Insert any PSX/PSX2 controller into the GameCube/Wii Joy Box. 
● Turn on the GC/Wii console, and the PSX/PSX2 controller will be ready to use. 
● GameCube/Wii is the trademark of Nintendo, but not an official Nintendo Products.

Manufacturer MayFlash
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